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Examen du plan de la maison



I offer two types of service to meet the different demands of professionals. Your project being unique, do not hesitate to let me know your expectations to obtain a personalized quote.




980 €

This package includes:


In your commercial premises: one to define the project, one to take the measurements after agreement on the estimate, one to present the proposals and one to deliver the final project.



To provide the material, color and style inspirations that represent the atmosphere of the project.


#3 A 2D PLAN

At 1/50th scale to visualize the circulation, the location of furniture and partitions.



If necessary to visualize the rendering in space, when there is in particular the creation or deletion of a partition.

Some examples :

Make a super friendly and elegant reception hall , give efficient and warm lighting in hotel rooms , give a boost to your shop during a change of sign, optimize the storage and circulation of a store , create a pleasant and relaxing waiting area .

You are a merchant, hotelier, owner of bed and breakfasts, restaurateur, real estate agency, manager of a co-working space, ... and the decoration or layout of your premises or part of it no longer suits you. You want to give it a new look to attract new customers and boost your image on social networks with advantageous photos.  

Based on your problem, I will advise you on the optimization of spaces such as the layout of rooms, the position of partitions, the location of furniture, circulation and storage. I will also help you bring style to your premises and define a real atmosphere that reflects the personality of your brand.




1490 €

This package includes:


One to define the project, one to take the measurements and the brief elements after agreement on the estimate, a working meeting with you and your team for the strategic positioning, an appointment to present the proposals and one to deliver the final project integrating your remarks.



This ten-page document will be your brand's strategic bible. You will find there the recommendations on your strategic positioning, the experience of your customers in your premises, ideas of original services to stand out.



With your  story  authentic, the name of your brand,  communication strategy.  



This complete file brings together all the elements for the interior design and decoration of your premises. It includes a mood board,  a 2d layout plan,  3d visuals, ​ technical plans and  a shopping list.  


I can put you in touch with partners to produce a rewarding photo report , an effective website and written content.

Some examples:

Zen co-working space , eco-tourism lodges , friendly designer boutique , restaurant-library , elegant and refined hotel , the personality of your brand is reflected in its design and the experience of your customers. From bed linen in the bedrooms, to dishes for the breakfast table, from the layout of a yoga room or a cloakroom , to a thematic corner, from the creation of a visually impactful counter to the development of a modular space for events, there is no limit to creativity to stand out!

I suggest you go further by combining decoration, customer experience and communication , to make it a real asset and win customers.

Thanks to this service, you will have a complete pack of recommendations ranging from the strategic positioning of your brand to the impactful decoration of your premises for a successful customer experience and an increase in your profitability.



For our Dom Lardy eco-tourism site, located 2 hours by train from Moscow, in the middle of the countryside, the problem was to attract Russian and international customers in characterful accommodation with simple, top-of-the-range services. From the decoration of the Isba with its Russian room and its breakfast room in the chic French country style to the modern Panoramic Dom house in wood all glazed with natural decor and 70's at the same time, Catherine advised us with efficiency and creativity on the personality of our holiday territory by going to the details of the soaps to the tableware through the photo galleries. Its decoration is reflected in the names of the accommodation it has offered! Thus the “Out of Russia” tent describes well the feeling of being alone in the world in Russian nature but with the cozy comfort of a glamorous campsite like in the film Out of Africa!


Elena Lardy

 Founder of the Tsar Voyages agency

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